Sunday, May 20, 2012

Two Men are Friends, Not Spouses

Pray for this parish. Pray for Msgr. O'Connor. The reality is that Gay(I wish this word could still be used as happy)  is ok folks do not want free thought. This movement does not want to allow anyone to disagree with them. They want to impose their thought on you. Their is nothing free about their way of thinking. True freedom explores issues and seeks the truth. Not what can be known merely on the surface. It seeks depth and clarity. It doesn't acquiesce in the face of name calling and hostility. It seeks the reasons for belief, it accepts that truth exists, and it adheres to truth, rather than conforming to the "feelings" and "sentiments" of emotion. Emotion is not truth. When it is given as truth it is like sand there is simply possibility of stability. Just because you feel a certain way or "you think" a certain way or "you believe" something, does not actually make it true. We call this moral relativism. The truth is not subject to individual feelings. Rather, it simply is and it is out there to discover, if people would only honestly seek it. Seek the truth friends, and when you find something more than sappy emotion and name calling, something more than threats and violence. Cling to it. It is likely that when people yell, curse, and threaten you for disagreeing with them, it is because, your reasons for disagreeing are to difficult to argue with, leading them to increase their level of force. Remember Jesus? The crowd didn't argue with him, they simply yelled "we want Barabbas, give us Barabbas!" Don't be fooled, Stand your ground, friends. We are in for a long hard battle if we are to turn back the tide of sexual disorder in this culture. Not more than a few of us will be persecuted. Pray for fortitude!

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