Sunday, May 13, 2012

Rand Paul - In A Spiritual Crisis as a Country

I frequently hear that Ron Paul isn't Pro-Life or he isn't pro-marriage or he is soft on social issues. This is his son, Senator, Rand Paul. He is a devout Christian and personally, listening to him, he sounds more Catholic than some other politicians who have claimed to be Catholic. Rand Paul and his Father are very tight. If you have resisted supporting Ron Paul because you think he isn't "christian" enough, you aren't paying attention. Rand is his father's son. This talk should offer a little evidence of the Paul families moral conviction.

This country is in a spiritual crisis. The rejection of grace has caused a great sickness to infect the hearts and minds of most of the country. What Rand Paul is saying is absolutely true. It is going to take more than good politicking to fix this country. It is going to take strong men and women ready to their lives in and through Jesus Christ, to turn this country around. Folks who are seeking a holy life through right worship an upright moral life. Pray for conversions. Pray for the Paul family especially Ron Paul. 

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