Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Final Frontier of the Civil Rights Movement

This is an excellent video. I thought about it as I watched it. Wondering....does the same sex marriage crowd think they should be on the timeline?  There is something inherent in every group on the timeline that is not does not inhere in homosexual's. None of them can refrain by choice from the thing in them that brought about the discrimination. In other words, indians were discriminated against for a characteristic that they could not change nor did they choose. Blacks the same thing and children in the womb the same thing. Who we have sex with and when we have sex with them is a moral choice it is not the equivalent of skin color or humanity in itself. Homosexuality has no place on the timeline. If it does if whom we choose to have sex with  and when we choose to have sex with them has nothing to do with morality at all, then perhaps sex outside of marriage, pedophilia, and bestiality should be on the timeline. Again, they don't belong there. Don't let anyone tell you they do. And don't let anyone call you a bigot for your belief that they are moral choices, not natural qualities.

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