Thursday, April 19, 2012

Living In Sin = No Divorce?

On the contrary! Great blog on Cohabitation. Check it out. It's not mentioned in the blog but, studies show that approximately 80% of marriages that begin with cohabiting, end in divorce. That is 8 in 10 or only 2 marriages in 10 that survive living together first. So, you might say, "Oh we're different, we really love each other." What do you think the 8 couples who ended up divorced said? True love seeks to sacrifice it's passions for a higher good. That higher good is abstinence until the day of full commitment. Love is an act of the will that is freely, totally, faithfully, and fruitfully given. As Master Yoda might say "there is no take, only give!"  Pray for the worldly folks who fail to understand that living together outside of marriage, however, as if you were married, is truly living in sin. All sin, comes with consequence. It is unavoidable.

Pray for happy, healthy, and holy marriages!

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