Friday, March 23, 2012

For Greater Glory

"Men will fire bullets, but God decides where they land" Blessed Jose Sanchez Del Rio story appears to be a part of this movie. It looks excellent. If you don't know about Blessed Jose, he was a young boy a, Cristero. He was killed by the free masons. They cut the bottoms of his feet off and made him walk through town to the cemetery. As he walked they told him that if he wanted to live he must renounce his faith in Christ. All the while he shouted "Viva Cristo Rey."In the cemetary they stabbed him with bayonets and told him to renounce his faith, he shouted "Viva Cristo Rey." They made him dig his own grave, they shot him and in his own blood he made a cross and shouted "Viva Cristo Rey." As he was dying he said "Never has it been so easy to gain heaven." His expression of joy at becoming a martyr for Jesus Christ.

Pray for his intercession today.

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