Sunday, March 4, 2012

Ad Populum

Around 3:40 in this video even Mr. Wallace uses this argument. He suggests that because 90 some percent of sexually active women use birth control that makes it morally good. Hey Chris 90 some percent of Aztecs accepted child/human sacrifice to the Gods, does that make it morally good? Chris Wallace uses the old Ad Populum argument on Rick Santorum.

Unfortunately, Mr. Santorum wasn't ready to point out to Mr. Wallace this fallacy. Perhaps Mr. Santorum could have asked Mr. Wallace, do you believe contraception or the decision to frustrate chemically a woman's natural fertile cycle is a moral choice?  A yes would indicate right and wrong and objective moral truth. If Mr. Wallace had said yes, Mr. Santorum could have pointed out that if contraception were a moral choice, than, there is objective truth and our decision should be ordered to the truth, not the majority. If Mr. Wallace had said no to the first question, Mr. Santorum, could have simply assured him that he couldn't possibly believe that or the entire conversation would be a pointless disagreement and you and the rest of the over-sexualized world, would not be trying to burn me at the stake every time I came on television for not agreeing with your point of view. Yes, Chris I like women. I like them so much, that I don't want to see them end up with breast cancer or barren and unable to conceive children. That's how much I like women. I like them so much that I hate to see them destroying the natural rhythm of their cycle with chemicals that frustrate and confuse it. I'm just sayin...
Pray for Mr. Santorum and pray for Chris Wallace, I used to think he was a bright guy...and then he went all Ad Populum on me....that's an argument for stupid people...

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