Sunday, January 8, 2012

Bigotry Question Goes Both Ways!

I will say it again, what is missing from our culture is Christian Charity. The kind of Christian Charity that sets us apart from everyone else. The kind of Christian charity rooted in faith in the consubstantial union of God with man in the Eucharist. If we are losing the war against the atheists, and the homosexuals, and their microphone, the secular media, we have no one to blame but ourselves. We have much like the Israelites when they were in bondage in Egypt, acquiesced, to what we have been fed. Mostly because it is easier, or more comfortable, or causes less confrontation. Whatever, the reason our fear coupled with ignorance of the scriptures and of the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic faith, has made us sheep, rather than prophets. I wouldn't vote for Newt, but, he hammers it home in this clip. While I do not approve of the secular news media and their bias, I have to ask, if anyone read the catechism, the scriptures and was faithful to prayer and right worship of God, would they even listen to them? Would they have a voice in the public square? If every Catholic in this country had an elementary understanding of salvation history, prayed the rosary daily, and attended mass every Sunday. I promise, you without one law being written, the secular media would disappear. Simply vanish. Why? Because, your heart would no longer be drawn to the lies and perversions that they so, convey. Your mind, would hear it for the unreasonable nonsense that it is. If no one was watching, there would be no money and no audience. If there were no money and no audience, the programming would be different. Catholics, must learn their faith, internalize their faith through a life of prayer (the rosary), so that they can live their faith in their choices and their actions. The result will be an authentic witness to the gospel. A prophetic witness to Christ crucified and the truth of the gospel! And an incarnate witness to the sacrificial love of Christ manifest in His suffering, death, and resurrection. That means love, joy, and peace will radiate from the very center of your being no matter what circumstances you find yourself in. Let's recover Christian Charity! True Christian charity, the kind that is willing to go to the cross for Christ and his bride the Church!

Pray for conversions!

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