Thursday, September 22, 2011

Suspended For Refusing to Think As the Same Sex Crowd

Just a quick reminder, we are in this position for numerous reasons, however, the big one is that out of fear and ignorance we have refused to stand up for the truth over the last nearly 40 years on this issue. Essentially, we have rescinded our right to free speech. There is nothing hateful about saying that you disagree with a moral act. We do it all of the time. People choose to steal, or abuse, or batter, or kill, sexually assault children, and we say that we disagree with those actions. Choosing to engage in sexual relations with a person of the same sex, is a moral choice which we are free to disagree with. We do not have to approve of the act itself simply because a lot of other people do. Neither should a 14 year old who is free to think and reason for himself be told that he will think as his teacher tells him to, he will accept the moral teachings of his teacher or be suspended. In other words, as is usually the case with the tyranny of the liberal, you are free to think, until your thought opposes mind and then I shall Lord "my" moral law over you by any means necessary. Pray for this young man and his mother they have shown a great deal of courage.

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