Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Presidents Political Will

The President constantly carries on about partisan politics. I do not deny that it happens. What does it mean to play partisan politics?  It means that you refuse to give in on a certain position because it is important to the party. This is why they are endlessly negotiating in Washington. But, isn't that what the President does when the congress presents him with a plan or an idea..for example defunding planned parenthood...and he refuses to acquiesce?  Here is another little story that you won't here from the President. Why? It is not compatible with his partisan politics even if it would provide approximately 230,000 jobs in the private industry. That means the evil rich private oil industry would produce jobs that would bolster the economy and it wouldn't cost the government anything nor would there be a need for government expansion. But, you see that ideology doesn't quite jive with Mr. Presidents big government plans for our future.

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