Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Word from St. Thomas - Whether God Exists?

History has a very predictable way of repeating itself.  There are two primary reasons for this the first is most of us are not history majors and the second is that when government has a monopoly on the educational system, it can be easily re-written or re-told by those whom need it to fit more neatly into their worldview or ideology. So, it is not shocking to me, nor should it be shocking to you that we find ourselves in another era ruled by the Godless.  Our atheist overlords tend to speak  down to us and to ridicule us as ignorant for our belief in the existence of God.  The constant claim is that we are intellectually deficient and have not come to the truth of science.  However, there is one thing that science has never proven, and that is, that God doesn't exist.  Science has certainly produced many theories and suggested many other hypothesis for which they would prefer you to immerse your faith in, however, they have never proven that God does not exist.  Do I see science in competition with God?  Certainly not, true science seeks to know the things that it can know, not to expound on theology. A nuclear scientist is not a theologian.

So, why do I mention history?  Because we stand today on the precipice of a one world government, the rule of the tyrant over the people, and the expulsion by force of law, of God from the public square.  You see throughout history, those who seek to rule simply for the sake of imposing ideology apart from God typically set as goal number one, the removal of God from the public square. They ridicule, condescend, and forcefully (imposition of law), have as their end convincing you to think as they do.  To reason in a completely unreasonable manner.  In order for the state to become the ruling power, religion must be emptied of it's supernatural power and made helpless. They must get you to believe that God, "I am who am" (Ex 3:14), does not exist at all.  For if God does not exist than perhaps ultimate cosmic power is in fact, wielded by the government.

Current Conditions
From a position of reason there is nothing more unreasonable to insist that God is not real.  It is one thing to choose disbelief, it is another entirely to use government to enforce your disbelief on everyone.  A recent example is the lawsuit in New York seeking to remove the cross from the site of 9/11.  Freedom is at stake. As we move farther from God from His very real existence, we move further from authentic Charity and truth, guaranteeing the loss of freedom. History has revealed the end of God's removal from the public square. We are seeing it currently in the riots in the U.K.  A government which we left behind to begin afresh here in the U.S. Why did we leave?  Because government was becoming to intrusive.  Today in the U.K. as they knock on the door of socialism they have eliminated from the public square the truth, God exists, God is love, and our freedom is bound to authentic Christian love.  High unemployment, low birth rates, and the elimination an authentic form of religion, has lead to several generations of despair.  Angry at the self-proclaimed messiah known as the welfare state and with no other power to turn to, they have instead turned to anger, violence, and revolution.

5 Ways to Know God is Real
There is always hope.  Many of our contemporaries would proclaim that if God were real and if he were true and divine love, than evil and suffering would not exist. St. Augustine once answered this question by saying:
"Since God is the highest good, He would not allow any evil to exist in His works, unless His omnipotence and goodness were such as to bring good even out of evil."  
In other words, God is so good that he does not control us as puppets rather he allows us to freely choose the good. He saved us without us or without altering our freedom to choose.  Evil isn't a product of God's express desire for mankind, rather a result of man's fallen nature and frequent unwillingness to choose the good. Nevertheless, even from evil God can bring about redemption.

St. Thomas once expressed five proofs for the existence of God which can be helpful for us again today. In a world governed by fear and despair, ravaged by division and disunity, nothing could be more beneficial than helping our godless friends to come to the knowledge of the truth. There is one God, one source of truth, one source of love. This one very real God can be known to exist simply through reasonable proofs.

The First Way - As we look around reality our senses tell us that some things are in motion.  Buses, trains, plains, automobiles, birds, cheetahs, skunks, and human beings. Nothing however, is in motion that has not been set in motion.  No human being brings himself into existence, rather, every human being is set in motion by other human beings acting in accord with their natural desire to procreate. Things which have the potential to move, must have a mover.  Cars get us where we want to go but not until we put the key in the ignition, strap on our seatbelt (saftey first), put the car in gear, and step on the gas pedal.  This is what St. Thomas called moving from potentiality to act.  Things have the potential to be in act, but they require a mover. Things cannot be both in potency and in act at the same time.  In other words, if I had firewood, that firewood minus the fire, would be in potency to be hot, however, it would not be hot. As soon as I throw a flame on the wood, it would become actually hot. The wood does not make itself hot, the fire does.  Therefore, a thing cannot in the same respect and in the same way be both mover and moved.  Do I throw a football on my own power?  Of course.  Did I conceive myself, that my arms may begin to grow, so that I could lift weights, and run and jump and get strong enough to move my own arm to throw a football?  Um, no.  This is what I mean by being put in motion.  My grandparents, put my parents in motion, and my great grandparents, put my grandparents in motion and on and on.  But this cannot not go on infinity. That is impossible.  Then there would be no first mover and therefore, no other mover.  We understand this first mover, who was not set in motion by another to be God.

The Second Way - Scientists therorize that the universe came into existence about 15 billion years ago. It was conceived and began to grow.  It was set in motion.  The universe grows by itself, however, that isn't strange.  Your body grows by itself.  Nevertheless, your body did not conceive itself.  Your existence was caused by something or someone else.  Every effect has a cause.  Nothing in the universe could have caused the universe.  Material floating in space would have been a part of the universe, and could not have caused the universe.  In other words no part of the universe could have created the entire universe.  The universe popped into existence, and no effect happens without a cause.  Everything in the universe has a cause, sunlight causes plants to grow, plant food causes lambs to live, lions cause lambs to die by eating them, dogs cause puppies to be born, men and women cause babies to be born, cops cause criminals to go to jail and on and on.  The universe is like a giant chain of dominoes, if there were nothing outside the chain, nothing would have caused the first domino to fall. For the universe to begin there must be something greater than the universe, outside of the universe that caused it or set it in motion.  We call that something, that first cause, greater than the effect which is the universe, God.

The Third Way - is predicated on existence. We can see from nature that temporal things are passing away.  Trees die and are replanted.  Human beings are born and then they die. But if it were possible that everything in existence could simply pass away that everything could just cease to be and there would be nothing left. It is then possible that at one point there was nothing at all. Problem. Everything in existence, exists as a result of something already in existence.  If at one time there were nothing, than today there would still be nothing. Everyone, believes that if you add 0 to 0 you end up with 0.  This is held even by small children to be objectively true.  The rationale here is that not all beings are sort of merely possible or a result sheer happenstance.  There must be something that IS.  Something, or someone, who is absolutely necessary.  Someone who IS or HAS being in Himself.  Someone who has no need of others for existence, but rather is the cause of all existence, otherwise we would go on to infinity with no necessary being or the possibility of nothing at one point.  Which is impossible.  We call this necessary being, yes, God.

The Fourth Way - The universe provides us with various examples of goodness. Being itself for example is very good. Some things are more amazing while others are disturbing. The more amazing something is the more it resembles something which is the fullness of amazing.  A human is amazing when he willingly lays down his life for his friend, because that is what he is made to do.  A human being is far less amazing when he manipulates, lies to, and takes advantage of his friends. There are things that manifest greater goodness, greater truth.  Marriage between a man and a woman manifests greater goodness and truth than the union of two people of the same sex. If being is and if it capable of manifesting various gradations goodness, truth, charity etc. Those perfections must come from the cause of their being, goodness, and charity.  We call this cause which perfects the good...Yes, God.

The Fifth Way - Everything in nature has a specific design and acts for a specific end.  Everything in nature has a design.  The human body has 602 muscles, many of which are working feverishly in union with each other as I type this blog.  If you look at my body from the outside. I do not look that complicated.  As you peel back layers as you crawl under the hood so to speak and start poking around, you do not find random chaos.  You find, an ordered well working machine.  A design which no doctor can claim to have mastered no matter how much prodding they have done.  An example, if I showed you a painting there are two things you would know, the painting had a painter, and the painter was intelligent. Sure, you could let your dog run through paint and then walk all over a canvas.  But there is nothing intelligent in the design of that painting nor is there any order.  When I look down at my MacBook, I don't think that it happened by chance, rather, I realize that someone with far more intelligence than myself, labored over it's order, design, and manufacturing.  Back to the universe, human beings, animals, plants, the sun, the moon, trees, rocks, and stars, the world has amazing order and design.  The intelligence of my dog Job could never account for the MacBook, but neither could the intelligence of the human person account for the design of the universe.  The human body alone is beyond complex, every single cell in the human body stores more information than all the books in all the libraries in the world. It wasn't designed in a petri dish and it couldn't be studied by human beings if it hadn't been designed by a higher intelligence first.  If the universe has order and intelligence than the universe has an ordered intelligent designer.

If we can know anything without scripture or revelation, we can know this.  There is nothing more unreasonable than to reject the existence of God.  Frequently, I bump into atheists, and I find that they pity my poor, small, stupid mind.  The truth is there is nothing poor, small, or stupid about my mind, it was designed by God, the fullness of wisdom, truth, knowledge, and love. I never feel small or inadequate when I am chided by atheists, I feel sorry for them.  Their's is a world governed by division, chaos, and distrust.  It has to be, you see, if God isn't real, than everything is simply random chaos, we are material things smashing into each other with no purpose and before you know it we will be dead.  The truth is if this worldview were lived seriously, we should fight for and take everything that we could get from each other in this life, because there is nothing more to live for.  We have neither love nor unity to look forward to because, each of us must determine our own truths about these things for ourselves.  Which means the odds that we will meet someone who thinks and loves like us diminishes exponentially.  Why?  Because, nothing is objectively true nor is there any objective foundation for truth.  The strange thing is, this isn't the way that atheists live.  In fact, they expect you to get in line with their doctrine. Most of them expect you to live by a moral code of some sort. Because it is subjective it is difficult to pin down, nevertheless, they do not expect you to punch them in the mouth and take their wallet from them, that is a commandment they are perfectly willing to hold you too. Yet, they work daily to see that "God is Dead" while all the while attempting to assume his responsibilities for themselves. The truth is that God is real, He doesn't believe in atheism and reasonable people believe in God.

Pray for the conversion of souls and as always pray for me

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