Friday, July 29, 2011

Beckhams ruin Ozone, Something

The guardian has written a terribly unreasonable, incoherent, and ridiculous piece linking are you ready? the Beckhams to environmental waste.  It was hideous you can read the rest here if you have the stomach. I am not going to waste to much time on this nonsense.  As you all know, I don't believe in the green movement. I am a fan of good stewardship of the resources God has given us, but the reality is that God gave man the resources to use and he asked man to reproduce.  The existence of Human beings is not the problem and the Beckham's having their fourth child is not causing the atmosphere to rot.  In fact, God bless the Beckham's for having the courage to LOVE children.  It is becoming more and more a novelty these days.  To suggest the elimination of human beings, that is what we call a red flag.  Something at the core of the movement is corrupt.  No movement that suggests that the government mandate of the extermination of human beings can be trusted.  

"We live as if we have three planets instead of just one. It is interesting that public figures, environmental groups and NGOs in general have tended to steer away from population to the extent that it's become a taboo issue. The horrific consequences of China's one-child policy and of other draconian efforts to regulate procreation have, for many, rendered discussion of the subject completely unpalatable. Yet as long as an issue remains a taboo subject where no one talks about it, then there's very little chance of finding the solutions we need."

In response to this quote, I wonder if this fella is ready to start talking about bringing the gospel back into politics?  That seems like a taboo that we aren't aloud to talk about.  Should we have that discussion as well?  Or would he just prefer to have the government continue to intrude on the freedom of human beings killing those whom do not comply or ruin the ozone something?

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