Thursday, June 2, 2011

Doubling down on Debt

I am sure that many of you know what it feels like to be in debt.  Even if it were just for a short time while you paid off a loan.  You are not free. If you refuse to pay off the loan, your credit is ruined.  Creditors call you night and day.  They will hunt you down.  In a sense, you become their property.  They are far from interested in any legitimate reason you may have had for not making payment.  They charge you interest and there may be any number of other legal outcomes.  What you cannot do, is continue to spend and charge as if you were not in debt in the first place.  What you cannot do is continue to give money you do not into the collection plate.  Sure you may give your two pence, and I hope you do(if it is to the Church, for the Kingdom of God), neverthless, our new religious leaders (politicians) will continue the course and expect you to tithe all the while. In fact, not only will they expect it of you, they won't ask you how much you would like to give, and whom would  you like to give it to.  Are we truly free when we are in debt?  We are not we are slaves to materialism.  The recently rejected raising the debt ceiling 80 something democrats voted with almost all of the Republicans.  They sent a strong message.  Let's order our business affairs properly.  No more spending. We are tired of being slaves to the debt.  We should be very grateful for their stand.  We should continue to pray for them and for God's mercy.

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