Sunday, March 6, 2011


Abortion is a rejection of the fullness of our humanity.  Abortion says "no" to the natural end of marital love.  "But people are having sex outside of marriage" you say!  "They need access to abortion for these "unintended" pregnancies" you say.  "But weren't they contracepting", I might ask?  "Yes", you might say "but it failed."  And we have our link between contraception and abortion.  The contraceptive mentality denies that there is a natural end to sex.  It conveys the lie that sex can be engaged in anytime with anyone of any gender and there are no responsibilities to concern yourself with.  No need to think of the other person as a human being, no need to worry about their emotions, no need to consider the truth that babies are a result of a successful(everything is working properly) sexual encounter between a man and a woman, who just happen to be physically made for each other.  Once all of that pesky non-sense about commitment, discipline, self-control, responsibility, truth, and reality are eliminated what are you left with? Certainly not a participation in the heavenly act of martial love and creation, rather, a reduction of the nature of the human person to something less perhaps than that of an animal.  Even animals do not seek to terminate life in their womb.  Animals do what they were made to do, reproduce and raise their offspring.  They don't choose summer homes, a third car, and the contraceptive/abortive mentality over a beautiful child. Instead we are left with a world which relegates human beings to material objects for personal manipulation.  A worldview that worships pleasure, which is self seeking.  A worldview that is less human and a worldview that seeks abortion when either its contraception fails or simply as an alternative to contraception.

Pray in thanksgiving for Pope Benedict XVI and pray for his intentions.  He is a brillliant, lovely, and holy man.

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