Monday, February 28, 2011

The Joy of Being Pro-Life

The pro-life group organized in response to a pro-choice (Hate that word, they do not advocate for choice they advocate for tryanny.  Different blog, sorry) group.  The anti-life (sounds more appropriate) was asked to wear the orange shirts.  Hence, the sign "orange you glad to see us???"  They sure are excited to talk about life!  Perhaps, that is because life is a beautiful thing and no human person has the right to determine whether another life is worth living or not.  The body in her body is not her body, it is another human beings body.  The tired argument "a woman has the right to do with her body as she wishes," is falsely applied to abortion and we can thank not the church but advances in biology for this truth.  We know today that every human being has it's own specific DNA.  They don' acquire this DNA miraculously when they upon exiting the womb.  Rather, it is inherent in their humanity at conception.  I didn't make that up the scientists did.  Can we stop pretending it's not a human being please?  It's dishonest...and well intrinsically evil.

Pray for truth and charity to prevail.  For hearts to be converted.  And the murder of all innocent children to end.

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