Sunday, December 12, 2010

Palin & C.S. Lewis

I found this to be rather comical.  It shows how uneducated the educated can be.  How hard is it I mean really, you know you are going to be on Hardball, you know going in you are going to make fun of Palin for reading C.S. Lewis, and you don't take 3 minutes to do a little google search to at least verify his work?

Palin tells Barbara Walters she reads C.S. Lewis and this is the conversation between Richard Wolffe and Chris Matthews on Hardball.

When Matthews mentions it Wolffe is astonished and replies "he wrote a series of kids books (sarcastically of course)."

Matthews at least has some sense and says "I wouldn't put C.S. Lewis down."

Wolffe responds by saying "I'm not putting him down, but you know divine inspiration? There are things she could've said to divine inspiration.  Choosing C.S. Lewis is an interesting one."

If I am understanding this clearly, were it not for the Narnia movies, Wolffe would have know idea who C.S. Lewis even was.  With that in mind, he has absolutely no problem implying that Palin is ridiculous for reading the works of:

Clive Staples Lewis (1898-1963) an intellectual giant and one of the most well known christian writers of his day.  He was a fellow and Tutor in English literature at Oxford Univerity until 1954, when he was unanimously elected to the Chair of Medieval and Renaissance english at Cambridge University.  He held that position until he retired.  He penned more than 30 books. Other than Narnia he wrote: Mere Christianity, The Screwtape letters, The Great Divorce, The problem of Pain, Miracles, A Grief Observed, and the Abolition of Man to name a few.

These books were hardly, children's books.  Mr. Lewis, was a very clear and reasonable thinker.  I am going to say it again as I often do.  These folks do not care about truth, or dialogue, or tolerance.  They are the most intolerant, least open, and most intellectually dishonest people out there.  Their only wish is to ridicule anyone who does not agree with or think as they do, to impose their ideology on you, and remain in power.  Because, for them the end is always power and economics never God and neighbor, charity and truth, or faith and reason.

I miss C.S. Lewis, I would like to see him on an episode of Hardball.  I think he might say something like...Oh, I don't know, this:

"It works-or seems to work-like this.  They say to themselves, Ah, yes.  Morality-or "bourgeois morality" or conventional morality" or "traditional morality" or some such addition-"morality is an illusion.  But we have found out what modes of behavior will in fact preserve the human race alive.  That is the behavior we are pressing you to adopt.  pray don't mistake us for moralists.  We are under an entirely new management...just as if this would help.  It would help only if we grant firstly, that life is better than death and, secondly, that we ought to care for the lives of our descendants as much as, or more than, for our own.  And both these are moral judgements which have, like all others, been explained away by naturalism.  Of course, having been conditioned by Nature in a certain way, we do feel thus about life and about posterity.  but the Naturalists have cured us of mistaking these feelings for insights into what we once called "real value."  Now that I know that my impulse to serve posterity is just the same kind of thing as my fondness for Cheese-now that its transcendental pretensions have been exposed for a sham-do you think I shall pay much attention to it?  When it happens to be strong (and it has grown considerably weaker since you explained to me its real nature)  I suppose I shall obey it.  When it is weak, I shall put my money into cheese.  There can be no reason for trying to whip up and encourage the one impulse rather than the other.  Not now that I know what they both are.  The Naturalists must not destroy all my reverence for conscience on Monday and expect to find me still venerating it on Tuesday."  Clive Staples Lewis from Miracles

I guess he would say I wrote a little bit more than a couple of Childrens books Mr. Wolffe.

Pray for Mr. Wolffe, Mr. Matthews, Mrs. Palin...and me too please.

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