Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Cardinal Burke On Manly Virtue

Cardinal Burke says, Be Manly! Which means be Virtuous.

"Worsening this sad confusion of men in the culture, there has also been a terrible loss of home life. The culture has become very materialistic and consumer-focused, the pursuit of which has led father, and often the mother, to work long hours. The consumer mentality has also led to the idea that children’s lives had to be filled with activity: school, sports and music and all kinds of activities every night of the week.

All those things are good in themselves, but there has been a loss of balance. The home life in which children spend adequate time with parents has been lost for many families. Families have stopped enjoying meals together. I remember how my father gave us lessons and taught us manners at the dinner table. To spend time talking with my parents was very important to my growing up. When I was a young priest, I was saddened that parents and children told me that fathers and children rarely talked and, when they did, it was only briefly.

Families should have at least one meal together each week where the whole family is together. A boy or young man is unlikely to build proper manly identity and the manly virtues unless he lives with a father and mother, where he can witness that unique and complementary interaction between the male and the female in a home life in which human life can be welcomed, nurtured and developed." Cardinal Burke

Monday, January 5, 2015

Cardinal Burke says...

Another fantastic interview with Cardinal Burke. As usual his eminence is extremely candid. "The difference between the two forms is very stark." Pray for him!

"I understand that they are the same rite, and I believe that, when the so-called New Rite or the Ordinary Form is celebrated with great care and with a strong sense that the Holy Liturgy is the action of God, one can see more clearly the unity of the two forms of the same rite. On the other hand, I do hope that - with time - some of the elements which unwisely were removed from the rite of the Mass, which has now become the Ordinary Form, could be restored, because the difference between the two forms is very stark." Cd. Burke

Pray the Rosary daily! Be Holy, Not Worldly!
Sacred Heart of Jesus Have mercy on us!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Cd. Napier On The Synod

Great interview. Check it out. Cd. Napier on the Synod

"When I spoke at the media briefing and criticized elements of the synod proceedings, I was by and large reflecting the views of our circulus minor [small working group of synod bishops]. To a lesser extent, I was expressing the concerns of the Church in Africa; and, third, I was raising my own disquiet, because I knew from experience how media distortions could and would spread confusion and even damage the Church’s clear teaching and practice as a long-standing exponent of what Jesus, the apostles, the [Church] Fathers and the magisterium had taught and lived down the ages.

Of particular concern was the dressing up in overly positive terms the irregular situations, such as cohabitation, divorce and remarriage, single-parent families by choice and same-sex relationships. When you are holding up the bar of moral uprightness, you cannot at the same time sing the praise of the contrary." Cd. Napier

Saturday, January 3, 2015

10 Popular Heresies

Heresies lead to the destruction of your faith. In order for one to have divine faith, which is the faith that saves, one must believe all that God through Christ in the Holy Spirit has revealed for salvation. An error, no matter how small regarding divine revelation, could be mean the eternal death of the soul. Of course, this is a good reason to stop acting like theologian when you are not. The pride of the modern mind, however, prefers to be the author of revelation. Thinking about God occasionally has become the measuring stick for whether someone is ought publicly announce the "truth" that they have discovered in their occasional thoughts. Most moderns in their rejection of objective truth, have relegated revelation to their own creation. In other words they believe that truth is discovered within themselves, not as something corresponding to the reality of things, rather, as a construct of their own particular thoughts. Truth is not something to discover, accept, and order human life to,  rather, it is theirs to create and manipulate.  These are philosophical errors regarding truth. However they are held by many as if they correspond to the very essence of truth. For this reason it is not unusual to hear the modern mouth speak so confidently in regards to error. While at the same time maintaining an obstinate unwillingness to consider any other position. They modern mind tends to believe that there is no objective truth, and therefore, that which they have concocted in their small shallow minds, that which makes them feel good, provides them comfort, and excuses them from change or conversion, is as good and true, as the truth itself. While all the while it is diametrically opposed.

One error, no matter how small, if it is obstinately held when the truth can be known, is the death of divine faith. No one can have true faith, who does not hold as true all of those things that God has revealed for our salvation. Let us be clear about something: IN order to hold an error we often have to be aware of the truth. Not always but often. Think about it, if I suggest that Jesus was not actually God but merely a man, it is likely that I will encounter someone who suggests otherwise. Someone who is adamant that Jesus is fully human and fully God. That moment of conflict is an actual grace. It is the movement of the Holy Spirit through an agent who is open to Him. The person in error is given the opportunity to reject his error and embrace the truth. There will never be a point in that person's life after that actual grace is given that he does not know the truth. It was given to his intellect and he had the opportunity with his will to accept or reject it. If he chooses to reject it in favor of the error, he has indeed rejected not the person explaining the truth, rather, the grace given to him by the Holy Spirit to be converted. While he may accept it later, until he does, he remains outside of a state of grace, and without the virtue of divine faith. As a result of his own free choice. If he dies in that state, barring a miracle, hell is the most logical option.

There are a number of different ways that the Holy Spirit conveys truth to us when we obstinately hold error. He uses his agents (other human beings who believe and have divine faith), Though He may even use an agent that does not believe. He may use things that we read or watch, so that, truth may be made clearer. Through holy scripture and the writings of the saints truth is conveyed. But make no mistake the will of God and subsequently of the Holy Spirit, is that your mind is ordered to the truth that God has revealed for your salvation. Not the truth that you like the most or that feels the best or that makes you the most comfortable. The Holy Spirit does not inspire us to comfort and good feelings. He inspires us to union with Christ, a union that requires an acceptance of pierced hands and feet. The Holy Spirit does not inspire us to hold error, it is not a part of the job description of the Third Person of the Holy Trinity, as He is the Spirit of Truth.

That same Spirit of Truth overshadowed Mary. At the annunciation the angel Gabriel told Mary that she would "conceive of the Holy Spirit." Mary was free to say no thank you. It was as if the entire universe was holding it's breath momentarily waiting for her to say "be it done unto me according to your will." Her will was free, her mind was free, and God did not force her to say "be it done." Mary prepared herself for that moment her whole life. From the time of conception God prepared Mary, she was without original sin. She was sanctified by a particular and special grace in the womb, which prepared her to become the new tent of meeting, the dwelling place of Christ, and the doorway to grace and salvation. She said yes to all that God had revealed to her for her salvation and for ours. Mary ordered her life and her yes, not to her own good feelings, or the constructs of God she had created in her mind, rather, she emptied herself in humility to that which God had revealed for her salvation.

Error is deadly. Some things are good but when they are filled with an admixture of error, the absence of that good becomes evident. No amount of calling error good can rectify the error and the damage that error can do. Truth is not beholden to philosophical or theological spin. In other words, error does not become good because we found a small grain of truth in the midst of it.  A great deal of time is spent today, therapeutically affirming anything and everything. We call evil good. We call Abortion, healthcare, same sex disorders,  marriage and on and on. These errors separate us from the love of God, they drain souls of divine faith, and they make the human person's final destiny uncertain at best.

Seek the intercession of Mary, do not act like a theologian when you are not. Pray for docility and humility to discover God's immutable truth. Consecrate yourself to Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus. And trust the traditional teaching of the Catholic Church.

Pray the Rosary Daily! Be Holy, Not Worldly!
Sacred Heart of Jesus, Have Mercy On Us.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

A Case For The Latin Mass

A Case For the Latin Mass. If you have never read Dietrich Von Hildebrand, you ought to. He is a brilliant theologian and philosopher. He is in my opinion a saint of the modern era. There are a couple of books that I recommend. He has written an excellent book on truth called the tower of Babel and the other is a excursion into the spiritual life called the The Life of Christ. Great article, great mind, truth that cannot cease to convince!

"Moreover, these innovations are said to have the sanction of Authority: they are represented as an obedient response to the spirit of the Second Vatican Council. This is said notwithstanding that the Council's Constitution on the Liturgy goes no further than to permit the vernacular mass in cases where the local bishop believes it desirable; the Constitution plainly insists on the retention of the Latin mass, and emphatically approves the Gregorian chant. But the liturgical "progressives" are not impressed by the difference between permitting and commanding. Nor do they hesitate to authorize changes, such as standing to receive Holy Communion, which the Constitution does not mention at all. The progressives argue that these liberties may be taken because the Constitution is, after all, only the first step in an evolutionary process. And they seem to be having their way. It is difficult to find a Latin mass anywhere today, and in the United States they are practically non-existent. Even the conventual mass in monasteries is said in the vernacular, and the glorious Gregorian is replaced by insignificant melodies.

MY CONCERN is not with the legal status of the changes. And I emphatically do not wish to be understood as regretting that the Constitution has permitted the vernacular to complement the Latin. What I deplore is that the new mass is replacing the Latin Mass, that the old liturgy is being recklessly scrapped, and denied to most of the People of God."

Friday, December 26, 2014

Twelve Days!

The Twelve Days of Christmas did not begin with the secular push for spending money on material things prior to Thanksgiving! Keep wishing everyone a Merry Christmas! Do not be afraid of it! Catholics own Christmas! The feast is a product of tradition. Following in the Old testament tradition of the great feasts such as booths and passover. We do not do anything quickly! WE like to dwell on it, ponder it, celebrate it, live it out! The life of the Church is to be lived and the great feasts offer us the opportunity to enter into the lives of the Saints and of Christ. Christmas is followed by the martyrdom of St. Stephen, the feast of St. John the Evangelist, and the Martyrs of the Holy Innocents. These three feast in particular bring out the different ways in which holiness is lived out in the world as a result of our union with the Christ child!

Pray the Rosary daily! Be Holy, Not Worldly! Sacred Heart of Jesus, Have mercy on us!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

I am Back!

I apologize for my long absence! Two things have been happening! One most of my free time has been spent studying for two exam I had to pass for work. They are complete as of yesterday and praise be Jesus Christ, I was able to pass them both.

After a long period of struggling to achieve pregnancy, my wife and I have been given the gift of life. We found out we were pregnant at thanksgiving. In your kindness, please pray for both her health and of course the health of the baby!

I will take up writing again soon. Perhaps later today!

Pray the Rosary Daily! Devote yourself to the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ and Be Holy!