Sunday, October 19, 2014

Cardinal Burke: Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi!

Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi!

fantastic interview with Cardinal Burke. It should be noted that he has made his move to Malta public. Please pray for him and for the Church. As Bishop Athanasius has said, we are in the "4th great crisis of the Church."

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Cardinal Dolan: A Conversion of Heart?

Pray for him! This could be a big moment for him!

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Cardinal Burke: The Truths Have Not Changed!

Truths Have Not Changed!

Pray for this man! He is a holy warrior!

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Cardinal: Sold Out for Satan

Cardinals: Sold Out

Great article at the Catholic thing. I would like to pontificate a bit. If you will allow me....

Sold Out For Satan
First and foremost, there has always been a human element in the Church. That element governs and guides the Church to the extent that its primary focus is holiness and union with God. Union with God meaning, giving assent to Christ as God and those things that have been revealed for our salvation. Assent meaning accepting and believing those things that have been revealed as true and rejecting those things that do not correspond to that truth. Why do I say sold out for Satan? For quite some time there has been an element in the Church that is lukewarm at best and at worst has rejected the divinity of Christ and effectively reduced Church dogma to one or another type of gnosis. It's true for you, but, not for me. We now have at the highest levels of the Church a resurgence  of the Arian heresy and as a result, the suggestion that, revealed objective truths can be either manipulated at will or changed.

Two objectionable revelations from the synod's document one that a "homosexual inclination" can bear great fruit for the Church (one word HOMOHERESY) and the other the you can be "married" multiple times, be granted no declaration of nullity, and yet still remain in a state of grace and receive the Eucharist. Me dost think St. Paul would protest and I know St. Thomas does. This is a rejection of nature which as St. Thomas Aquinas says of the natural law:

“THE natural law dates from the creation of the rational creature. It does not vary according to time, but remains unchangeable.”

~St. Thomas Aquinas: S.T., I-II, Q. 94, A. 5.

We now have at elevated levels of the Church men who have made themselves stupid so as to advance a false doctrine of progressivism, as St. Paul would say: 

"Because that which is known of God is manifest to them. For God hath manifested it unto them. For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are mad. His eternal power also and divinity; so that they are inexcusable." Romans 1: 19-20

This is a fundamental point that Cardinal Burke has made repeatedly (of course, without using the word stupid). There are Cardinals in the Church that reject God's natural revelation. Think about that, let it sink in. They express a desire to tinker with and to accept those things that are contrary to reason alone. Is it possible that they believe that Christ is God? Anything is possible, but, let's pull are rational pants on. We do not have to take the trolly to the land of make believe every time a prelate in the Church publicly waxes heretical. There are now Cardinal's who reject the natural law and propose that "homosexual inclinations can bear great fruit for the Church, great what? When did this become a gift of the Holy Spirit? Or is this the 13th fruit of the Holy Spirit? Clearly it is neither, and clearly my proposal is nonsense, yet, this is the message that is being sent by these men. Is it likely that any of them would accept the revelation of Christ, if they do not accept that which the Father has made manifest for their belief in creation? It would seem clear to me that a Cardinal proposing such asinine fatuity for your belief, ought to be anathema. A Cardinal that would suggest that which is not in conformity with the sensus fidei, may not believe the truth about the human person at all and certainly, it seems may not submit to the divinity of Christ and His Church. If it is unclear, I am no fan of trolley's nor the land of make believe. 

Let us focus our attention on the ring leader, Cardinal Kasper. A simple perusal of the Cardinal's own actions and words leaves us with little doubt. The question has to be asked for example, does Cardinal Kasper, know the Churches teaching on marriage and divorce? Does he know the Church's teaching on Homosexuality? He must know something about it in order to argue against it. It is popular to suggest, "well he just doesn't know." This is done very often in an attempt to be "charitable." Charity resides in the truth. Cardinal Kasper manifests by his words and actions that he has a working knowledge of authentic Catholic doctrine. He must know the traditional teaching of the Church. He continues to argue against it. In fact, he has clearly stated that anyone who holds to Cardinal Burke's position is a "rigid fundamentalist" and that the position itself is "not Catholic." Talk about taking the Trolly!  Does anyone think that he does not know Cardinal Burkes position? He has dismissed the African bishops as holding to "taboo" not divine revelation and tradition. In his opinion the African bishops are not to be listened to, much less taken seriously. Clearly he knows the Churches teaching. He rejects it and in the process Jesus Christ, in favor of error and lies. He promotes them from one of the highest seats in the Church and he makes no apology for it!

Cardinal Kasper has chosen willingly to play the role of Arius in this little synodal drama. There is only one slightly bigger problem. He was given a microphone by the Holy Father. None of this had to happen. None of it. At this moment the Holy Father remains silent. Yet, Cardinal Kasper continues to stir dissent. He has sold out for satan some time ago and while there is always hope for his conversion, now is not the moment in time to play paddy-cake with dreams and hopes of some future conversion. He is not at this moment open to a conversion. All of the "non-confrontational" "conflict avoiding" methods must be thrown out the window. This is a legitimate fight for souls that the Church has not seen in some time. And it is public. Now is a legitimate time for the "hammer of heresy" to drop squarely on Cardinal Kasper's head (or his lip, nose, or eye.) We can wait and we can pray and we ought to at least pray. But, we have to act. That action must be swift and decisive. It must be ordered toward shutting Cardinal Kasper up. 

All of this may sound tyrannical in an age of ecumenism. An age where everyone gets to express their opinion and we respect them all. However, if the Church would like to become a force for good in the world again. Now is the time to swiftly and clearly convey that TRUTH is real, that it exists and that we will no longer be satisfied with a half truth here and half truth there, because even some truth is good. The absence of truth in anything means the presence of error. The presence of error as it regards divine revelation, actually, still means the presence of heresy. And the last time I checked obstinate heretics are not destined for divine glory. We have a duty to attempt to save their souls. It is a bit like the man on the bridge who wants to commit suicide. He probably does not want to be pulled to safety, but, his life, his soul are to precious. He must be forced off the bridge, he is doing great harm to himself and he actually knows it. His will needs to be forcibly altered, because his will is in a great state of disorder. The Cardinal has willing jettisoned truth. He no longer views truth as objective, rather a product of progress. He insists that those who are willing to hold to and die for the objective truth, those are the reactionaries that ought to be aggressively removed. Truth is truth, regardless of progress or time. Pray that the Holy Father answers Cardinal Burke's call to respond! If the Holy Father does not really believe that when "dogma ceases to lead to Jesus, it becomes obsolete," and in that, Jesus will "surprise" us, I would hope that he would have the courage of to be a  man to make that clear. Esto Vir, Holy Father. I leave you with a gem...

"The fact that something corresponds to the mentality of our epoch is no more decisive for its truth or value than the fact that it corresponds to the mentality of former times." Dietrich Von Hildebrand ~The Tower of Babel~

Truth is truth it is timeless and holding to it does not make us a fundamentalist, a believer in taboo, or less Catholic. Utter Nonsense!

Be sure to pray for the Synod! Pray for the conversion and courage of Holy Bishops!
Pray for Cardinal Burke! He seems to be leading the Charge.

St. Anthony - Hammer of Heretics - Pray for Us!
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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Persevere: Your daily Liturgical Pep Talk!

Persevere: Your daily Liturgical Pep Talk!

Great article on your responsibility to press on with renewal in spite of the difficulties. The Christian life is one of overcoming hardships and perseverance in the truth. Press on to the prize Friends!

Pray the Rosary Daily! Be Holy, Not Worldly!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Synod Document Unacceptable: Say Polish Bishops!


Check out the article. Pray for the Polish Bishops! Pray that other Bishops will have the fortitude to do the same.

I suspect, that they will not be the last group to reject this supreme nonsense. In many respects, this is why we must slow down take a few deep breaths and pray and fast. There are some Bishops conferences out there that are not going to accept a rejection of the natural law and God's revelation. They will have the courage to stand against, even publicly. We should pray for them and remember that this is only the beginning of what will likely become a very dark period in the Church. These rejections will not be dealt with lightly by the "Homoheresy" crowd, many of which hold positions of power, authority, and apparently great influence at extremely high levels of the Church. Make no mistake this assault from within the Church is a result of weak priests and prelates who have fallen pray to the "homoheresy." This will not end well. The division will likely become more and more public. One has to wonder if we will see a public break? WE should pray that it does not come to that, but, the signs of the times, are rather telling. And by that I do not mean "surprises" that change doctrine. I mean, if we look at the signs of the times we can see a great rejection of the Church's teaching which always lead to a great suffering and persecution. I am thinking here of Diocletian and the early Church for example. From Prima today:

"At Rome, upon the Aurelian Way, the blessed martyr Pope Kallistus. By command of the Emperor Alexander he was long starved in prison, and cudgelled every day, then he was cast headlong out of a window of the house wherein he was warded and drowned in a well, and so earned the triumph of VICTORY.

At Caesarea, in Palestine, the holy Virgin and martyr Fortunata. In the persecution under the Emperor Diocletian she overcame the rack, fire, beasts, and other torments, and gave up her soul to God. Her body was brought later to Naples, in Campania.

And Elsewhere many other holy martyrs, confessors, and holy virgins. THANKS BE TO GOD!"

If you have not taken my advice and downloaded Brev Meum, you ought to and you ought start praying at least Prima. It is a fantastic preparation for the day and the fight.

 That is all...for now Be HOLY Friends! Pray the Rosary Daily! 

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Cardinal Burke Responds To The Cardinal Kasperisms...

Please watch this amazing interview with Cardinal Burke it begins at about the 17 or 18 minute mark. Fantastic response to Cardinal Kasper's irrational ramblings on marriage!

Pray for Cardinal Burke!
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